Objectives & Mission

Our Objectives
  1. To achieve sales and services through the ability to offer sustained and affordable products and services to the solutions.
  2. To provide our customers with the pillars necessary for sustainable business growth and success, supply our high-quality products through market specific distribution throughout the Middle East offering unparalleled product availability as well as excellent technical and customer support.
  3. To expand the Taseheel general trading llc arena of influence to a more global audience.
Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with effective solutions that are appropriate to their needs, and our people are dedicated to providing active leadership & support in developing and maintaining affordable and sustainable solutions.


Our Keys to Success
  1. Maintaining and expanding TASEHEEL current client base.
  2. Maximising the use of our most important asset – our people.
  3. Ensuring that we remain on the cutting edge in providing solutions to our clients